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What is the Griffin Legacy?


Canberra is one of the very few planned cities in the world. Walter Burley and Marion Mahony Griffin’s plan for Australia’s National Capital emphasised the integration of natural landscapes, geometric patterns and community. The decisions made now about Canberra’s infrastructure will play a central role in determining its character as our National Capital for the next 100 years. These decisions should align with the Griffins’ original vision for Canberra as described by the National Capital Authority’s 2004 policy framework, The Griffin Legacy.

Lake Burley Griffin is the stunning centrepiece around which Canberra was designed. It has never made sense for Civic to have its back turned on the lake, and to be separated from it by a four-lane dual carriageway. Parkes Way should be tunnelled to make the lake easily accessible on foot all the way from Russell Offices in the west to ANU’s campus in the east.

Beautiful nationally significant structures including the National Museum, the National Library, Questacon, the National Gallery and Parliament House were always intended to be better connected with Civic for pedestrians. Lowering Parkes Way will help realise the internal logic of Griffin’s original vision for the Bush Capital and creating space for modern infrastructure befitting its status as the National Capital.