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Canberra needs to be better connected, both internally and externally, in order to become the global city it should be.

All options should be explored to maximise value for money and deliver outcomes quickly. Our city is built for personal cars but our city’s people see a different future. Canberra’s public transport infrastructure has lagged behind public sentiment for too long, and greater haste should be shown to develop a public transport system that matches our status as the nation’s capital and supports our ambitions to lead the country in decarbonisation efforts.

We have a fantastic airport situated just eight kilometres from the City Centre that should be easily and quickly accessible via public transport. With the number of passengers using Canberra Airport expected to almost double in the next five years, the airport should be connected to our growing light rail network as soon as possible. 

Investment is also desperately needed to upgrade the heavy rail line connecting Canberra with towns and cities to its north and south, with the longer-term ambition of establishing genuine high-speed rail between Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.